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Building a Pizza Oven

Posted: 10th July 2014 by Fireplaces South West

Cooking outdoors adds something to the flavour of what you’re eating for some unknown reason. Whether it’s the warmer weather and longer evenings, or the good friends that come with the good food, al fresco dining is one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways of cooking and eating.

But if you’re looking for something more than a disposable barbecue and a couple of sausages, there are plenty of ways to enhance your menu and your garden at the same time.


Wood fired pizza oven

Wood Fired Clay Oven

More and more people are choosing to construct a permanent wood fired clay pizza oven in their garden, a trend inspired by TV chefs such as Jamie Oliver, whose recipes frequently make use of them. Although they are available as pre-built kits, many people choose to make their pizza oven from scratch, with some even digging out their own clay!

Others choose to get professional builders in to oversee the trickier parts such as the fireproof base and clay dome, choosing to handle the aesthetics and decorative elements themselves.


Clay pizza oven sideboard

Traditional Ovens for the Garden

Choosing to add such a beneficial feature to your garden represents not just a different way of having a barbecue, but of enhancing your lifestyle and as such is one that should enhance the value of your home as well. Whether you choose to build your own, assemble the elements or have professionals do the heavy lifting whilst you concentrate on adding your own style, creating something unique to your should always be a consideration.


Marble and Granite surrounds for your Oven

As well as the oven itself, you can incorporate many other elements to create a welcoming atmosphere for you and your guests. Seating and a table to eat from can turn a simple oven into an outdoor kitchen and the hub of your summer social engagements. Adding a custom marble or granite sideboard and work-surface can create something Jamie would be jealous of and with a basic roof to keep the weather off you can enjoy luxury outdoor dining all year long! 


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