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Save Money with a Wood Fuelled Boiler

Posted: 10th June 2014 by Fireplaces South West

The Energy Trust has advised homeowners that they could save up to £650 per year by installing a wood fuelled boiler instead of conventional electric heating.

Wood-fuelled heating systems, also called biomass systems, burn logs, wood chippings or wood pellets to generate heat for living space or may be fitted with a boiler to provide hot water as well.

Government grants area available to reduce the cost of installing a wood boiler through the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), as well as the UK government’s Green Deal, which allows people to pay for the cost of installation through savings on their fuel bills.  

Warming wood fuelled stove

Wood fuelled heating can save you money


How much cheaper is a wood-fuelled boiler than electric or gas?

Research carried out by the Stove Industry Alliance has found that per kilowatt hour, a wood –fuelled stove is 77% cheaper than an electric fire, 50% cheaper than LPG, 43% cheaper than oil and around 29% cheaper than a gas fire.

There are additional environmental benefits too. Although there can be quite a few variables between different types of fireplaces and fuel sources, research from the Energy Saving Trust - a sociable enterprise with a charitable organisation - estimated that switching to a pellet central heating system, a four bedroom detached house could save 9 – 14.5 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide per year compared to a coal boiler and 8.4 – 14.5 tonnes of CO2 per year compared to old electric storage heaters.

Wood pellets provide plenty of heat

Wood Pellets provide plenty of heat


The benefits of a wood burning stove

The real benefit of all this, besides the money saving and reduced environmental impact, is being able to come home to the warmth of beautiful fireplace instead of old electric radiators.

Wood-fuelled heating is beautiful

Styling your fireplace can provide additional value to your home as well as saving you money


As enjoyable as the summer is, we are only too aware that even the great British summer time can get chilly, and autumn is never that far around the corner. And anyone who watches the news knows that we are heavily reliant on imported gas for that method of heating our homes.

Burning wood provides a source of heat from a renewable source that is widely available, perhaps even from your own neighbours if you live in the countryside, and completing the rustic charm is a matter of adding your own style in the form of a bespoke fireplace with beautiful granite or slate hearth.