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Log Burner Maintenance

Posted: 28th May 2014 by Fireplaces South West

Your trusty log burner has kept you and your family warm over the winter months, and now the nights are warmer you probably aren’t lighting a fire every night. But before you forget about your fireplace until the first frosts of October and November, it’s worth carrying out a few bits of simple maintenance that will ensure your fire is ready to go when you need it again.


Have the flue swept by a chimney sweep

If you’ve stopped lighting your fire for the summer then now is an excellent time to get your chimney swept. This is a quieter time of year for everyone in the industry, so you can pick and choose a time and day that’s suitable for you, rather than joining the rush in September.

bird in chimney

If you see this, it's definitely time to call the chimney sweep

Maintaining a clean chimney is vital for fire safety – most chimney fires are caused by a build of residue in the flue which combusts when a high enough temperature is reached. Regular cleaning by a certified chimney sweep prevents this.


Re-organise your wood store

Stocking up and rotating your logs now will give your fuel time to dry out over the summer months. Again because this is the quieter time of year, you may be able to negotiate a better price for wood.

Wood stacked up

Take the time to stack your wood carefully

It’s best to choose a site with a little wind to assist the drying process and finding a way to keep the elements out. A wood store with a proper roof is ideal although even a tarpaulin will work if you remember to remove it during dry spells. Storing wood indoors is only recommended for wood that has been dried out completely – remember to check for signs of woodworm before you do!


Replace your fire box

If you’ve been considering having a new log burner installed but didn’t find time to get it done over the winter, now is the perfect time as you won’t have to worry about any cold nights without a fire and there are excellent discounts available during the out of season time.

Sometimes your chimney sweep may inform you that your fireplace insert or firebox needs to be changed for safety reasons, but this can also be an excellent opportunity to remodel your fireplace and give your room a whole new look. If you’re having the fire box removed, it can often be an opportunity to change the surround to a new custom slate or granite hearth.


Decorate your fireplace

Just because you don’t need to light a fire, there’s no reason to stop paying attention to your fireplace.

Fireplaces are frequently one of the focus points of your room and a key part of its aesthetic quality. During its spell of dormancy, you have an excellent opportunity to really create a designer style that would otherwise be impractical with the heat being generated.

Summer fireplace decorsummer fireplace ideas

Artfully positioned fabrics, flowers and wood can be used to create a calming and elegant centerpiece in your hearth, or to draw the eye to your mantelpiece. For more ideas on how to transform your fireplace this summer, visit our boards on Pinterest.