Terms & Conditions

1. Marble and Granite are natural materials and as such are subject to variations in colour, natural markings, veinings, vents and cracks. Where necessary they are stopped or reinforced, and no claim on this account can be made.

2. Any description of materials are given for guidance only and do not imply suitability of the materials for any particular use or purpose.

3. Exact resemblence of the product supplied to samples submitted cannot be guaranteed.

4. All thicknesses and measurements are nominal and the supplier cannot accept liability for reasonable variations, whatever the nature of these.

5. We agree to accept the return of goods delivered within 3 days, provided the said goods are returned at the expense of the purchaser and that the goods are undamaged or in any other way worked, and to give credit to the purchaser for the value of the said goods accepted subject to a 25% handling charge without any liability for the consequential loss to the purchaser. (This clause applies to unworked materials only).

6. No representations, warranties or conditions are given to the quality of the material supplied to their fitness for any purpose, job or use which the purchaser intends for the material supplied.
The purchaser should inspect the materials himself and satisfy himself that they are of the quality and suitability for the purpose for which he intends to use them. We do not accept responsibility for materials after they have been supplied and fixed in position.

7. The ownership of all materials delivered to or collected by the purchaser pursuant to this invoice/quotation shall remain with the seller until payment in full has been received for these materials and for any other goods or materials delivered by the seller or their agents or collected by the purchaser pursuant to any other contract. If the purchaser resells any goods or materials by the seller or their agents or collected by the purchaser pursuant to this invoice/quotation by way of a bonafide sale at full value or otherwise, the proceeds of such sale shall be held by the purchaser as trustee for and to the account of the seller until such time as the seller has received payment in full for any materials or goods delivered by the seller or their agents or collected by the purchaser whether pursuant to this invoice/quotation or any other contract under which the seller has supplied materials or goods to the purchaser.

8. The risk in all materials or goods supplied shall pass to the purchaser upon completion of the loading of the same but prior to roping up and making secure and the seller shall thereafter have no responsibility in respect of the safety or otherwise of the materials or goods and the purchaser shall insure the said materials or goods against all risks as he sees fit.

9. The seller reserves the right to dispose of all materials or goods the ownership of which is reserved to the seller pursuant to clause 7 above, if not paid for it in accordance with the terms of quotation and if such payment is over due in whole or part the seller may by its servants or agents (without prejudice to any of its other rights) recover and resell the goods or materials or any of them may lawfully enter upon the premises of the purchaser or any other place to which he has delivered or consigned them for that purpose.

10. Not withstanding any terms for payment agreed, payment for all materials or goods delivered to or collected by the purchaser shall become due immediately upon the commencement of any act or proceeding in which the solvency of the purchaser is involved.

11. All prices quoted are those ruling at the date of quotation and/or for the period for which this quotation is stated to be valid and for current stock held and remaining unsold at date of your written order.

12. VAT and other taxes as may be imposed are not included for this quotation and are extra thereto.

13. The submission of this quotation is not a guarantee that we can or will accept any order. This will be considered upon receipt of your order and is subject to availability of the goods materials ordered.

14. If these terms and conditions are at variance with or inconsistent with any terms or conditions contained in the purchaserís order then these terms and conditions shall prevail and be effective.
We reserve the right to charge Interest at the rate for the time, being applicable under the late PAYMENT OF COMMERCIAL DEBTS (INTEREST) ACT 1998.