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Hearth Layout Types


 Single Slab - Hearth Type 1

Fireplace hearth layout type 1

T-Shaped sectional - Hearth Type 2 

T-Shaped sectional hearth type 2


T-Shaped - Hearth Type 3

T-Shaped hearth - Type 3

Curved - Hearth Type 4

Curved - Hearth Type 4


Hearth Thicknesses

The Hearths are available in 3 thicknesses.

  • 20mm Solid slab,
  • 30mm Solid Slab,
  •  or alternatively 50mm Boxed and Lipped. This last one will be made from 20mm material with a small downstand/plinth made from 30mm material to create an overall size of 50mm

Box Lipped Fireplace Hearth

Box Lipped fireplace hearth

What Size of Hearth do I need?

When measuring up for your hearth it is worth considering the requirement from the relavent authorities. Try here for current building regulations:

Here are some of the diagrams from their website, to aid you.



Guidance for Gas Fires

installation guidance for gas fire hearths

Guidance for Log Burners

Installation guidance for Log Burner hearths


Guidance for Open Fires

Guidance for Open Fireplace Hearth Construction

Installation Instructions

Installation guides for fireplace hearths and surrounds

Please ensure you inspect the product fully when you receive your stone hearth. We take great care in selecting cutting stone for our customers, if however the hearth has any flaws you should notify us immediately. 

Stone hearths may have colour variation, veins and some inconsistencies. This should be expected with natural stone. However if you find any cracks or chips the Hearth should not be installed. No returns will be considered once the stone has been installed.

  • When installing Granite or slate hearths it is recommend to  ensure the area to be covered by the hearth is dust free flat and level, preferably solid concrete.
  • It is good practice to prime the area with PVA or SBR and the back of the hearth.
  • Allow the primer to dry, then bed the hearth down on a strong sand and cement bed with a medium consistancy. 

So why not take a look at our Build a Hearth page and design and purchase your own fireplace hearth.