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  • Is Slate or Granite best for your fireplace?

    Posted on: 7th April Posted by: Fireplaces South West

    Having a fireplace in your home can really help to invite guests into a room, as well as creating a cosy atmosphere for you and your family. As well as warming you up, the sight of a stone fireplace and...

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  • Choosing the right Fireplace

    Posted on: 4th April Posted by: Fireplaces South West

    From the first fire pit in ancient times we have found comfort, warmth and a hypnotic fascination with the glow of a fireplace. As a means of cooking or a way of coming together, they represent both an...

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  • Fireplaces for Heating

    Posted on: 3rd April Posted by: Fireplaces South West

    Fireplaces have traditionally provided warmth for households for thousands of years. Early fire pits date back to prehistoric times and gradually evolved into raised hearths in buildings. Chimneys...

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