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  • Water jet cutting facilities

    Posted on: 16th October Posted by: Fireplaces South West

    5 Axis water jet cutting facilities are currently being installed at Fireplaces Southwest in bristol.    This new addition will enable us to continuely improve our manufacturing capability....

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  • Our Range of Quartz worktops

    Posted on: 26th June Posted by:

    Order online, and they will be ready to collect in 10 Days.   Our new range of worktops, offer the practicaly minded customer to be able to order their kitchen cut to size.  Saving time and...

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  • Worktops in Association with Avon Marble

    Posted on: 25th June Posted by:

    10% Discount for FSW customer on a new granite worktop!      Here is a great opportunity for those customers who have used our site to purchase a hearth or fireplaces. Click...

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  • Improved Turn Around Times

    Posted on: 25th June Posted by:

    7 to 10 Days on Hearth orders, 48 Hours for Express Service.       Here at Fireplaces southwest we are constantly trying to improve our service. After a recent review of our Hearth...

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  • Fireplace Cooking

    Posted on: 3rd September Posted by: Fireplaces South West

    As summer starts to fade away and autumn reappears with its damp mists and back-to-school days, there are still plenty of things to look forward to; hot chocolate, jumpers and the distant promise of the...

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  • Building a Pizza Oven

    Posted on: 10th July Posted by: Fireplaces South West

    Cooking outdoors adds something to the flavour of what you’re eating for some unknown reason. Whether it’s the warmer weather and longer evenings, or the good friends that come with the good...

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  • Save Money with a Wood Fuelled Boiler

    Posted on: 10th June Posted by: Fireplaces South West

    The Energy Trust has advised homeowners that they could save up to £650 per year by installing a wood fuelled boiler instead of conventional electric heating. Wood-fuelled heating systems, also...

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  • Log Burner Maintenance

    Posted on: 28th May Posted by: Fireplaces South West

    Your trusty log burner has kept you and your family warm over the winter months, and now the nights are warmer you probably aren’t lighting a fire every night. But before you forget about your fireplace...

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  • Get ready for summer with an outdoor fire pit

    Posted on: 15th May Posted by: Fireplaces South West

    With summer bringing its warmer days and lighter evenings, few people will be thinking about drawing the curtains and curling up in front of a fire to keep the night at bay. But the coming season offers...

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  • Is Slate or Granite best for your fireplace?

    Posted on: 7th April Posted by: Fireplaces South West

    Having a fireplace in your home can really help to invite guests into a room, as well as creating a cosy atmosphere for you and your family. As well as warming you up, the sight of a stone fireplace and...

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  • Choosing the right Fireplace

    Posted on: 4th April Posted by: Fireplaces South West

    From the first fire pit in ancient times we have found comfort, warmth and a hypnotic fascination with the glow of a fireplace. As a means of cooking or a way of coming together, they represent both an...

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  • Fireplaces for Heating

    Posted on: 3rd April Posted by: Fireplaces South West

    Fireplaces have traditionally provided warmth for households for thousands of years. Early fire pits date back to prehistoric times and gradually evolved into raised hearths in buildings. Chimneys...

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